Events and Education

“Moonlight & Magnolias”
An enchanted evening of music, food, and Southern charm.

Here are pictures from our event in June, 2022.

Please, watch our long year educational series on how to cope with Covid-19 health pandemic, titled Can We Tell Your Story? The series, comprised of 29 videos is posted on our Facebook page (The Mary and Martha Center for Women), narrates the stories of community residents and their coping strategies throughout the pandemic.

Please join us for a fundraiser and health event combined into a 5K race on Saturday, October 9, 2021. On the Angels’ Wings will be organized by our local running club and its details published in August. This is our second year of doing fundraising events that integrate focus on personal health. Last year our emphasis was on staying safe during the Covid-19 health pandemic, and this year it will be the topic of how to receive love, grace, and kindness from God, community, family, or nature, especially amidst stress and life challenges.

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