Quarter Ministry

The opportunities God sets before us to serve others are endless. The Mary and Martha Center serves the whole person through our ministries. One of our services is the Quarter Ministry. This ministry helps women in need with laundry services, gas money, and other incidentals that most of us take for granted.

For those of us who have a washing machine and dryer in the house, we put the clothes in and take them out clean and ready for wear. If one of the machines breaks, we call for repairs and are back to taking care of the laundry.

Recently, a young lady and her small child came to the center in need of assistance. One of those needs was a laundry service. She has a washer and dryer that were broken. She did not have the money for repairs, nor did she have the money to go to the laundromat. Her son has very sensitive skin. She has to use laundry detergent that will not irritate his skin and needs to keep their clothes cleaned and free of fragrance. Because of the kindness of strangers who are willing to donate their change or dollars to this ministry, we were able to assist her with her need. She is just on e example of the many women and their families God has sent to us for assistance.

You may see these quarter jars at your church, in a restaurant around town, or in front of our office. The old saying of “every little bit helps” is so true and aids in serving others with those things we take for granted each and every day.

To those who have dropped a quarter in the jar, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For more information, please call us at 704-983-7785.

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