The Mary and Martha Center for Women and Community Care

Providing help to women and their family members who are undergoing material, emotional, or spiritual crisis.

Mental Health Services

Referral, Networking, and Resource Advising

Holistic Health Education

Our Signature Strengths

Creating individualized and caring approach to providing services. Offering respite from stress by providing holistic tools to cope with it.

Regina Butler
Human lives are fraile strings of breath that can be altered forever by losses of various sorts: Death and tragedy in family, illness and trauma, joblesness and homelesness, addiction, life transitions such as being an empty nester, a widow, an aging person, a lonely person, a young person, a person who searches for meaning, happiness, or contentment. The Mary and Martha Center for Women and Community Care, Inc. is a house of friendship, compassion, and help for women and their family members who are experiencing a difficult life situation and distress. We offer counseling and empowerment services that will assist women to walk with courage and hope through various questions, challenges, and demanding tasks in their lives. We combine personal faith and spirituality with clinical psychological modalities in order to create an integrative and holistic approach to women’s health.

“In my Father’s house are many rooms” John 14:2

We believe that God has a place for everybody in His House, and we strive to embody God’s hospitality and welcome through our practices of care.

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